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Hello everyone!

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Cam, myself and the staff are happy to announce the release of the new ClashTime Prison server! As myself writing this post, we are working behind the scenes on final touchups, permissions and last minute tests to make sure the server has a smooth, no drama release. In saying this, Prison will be up for everyone from the time this thread is posted.

If you're familiar with Minetime Prison, you will find that both Prison servers are alike (as we like to do with most of our servers) and we will be adding the plugin; TrophyHeads - When you kill a player, there is a 100% chance of their head dropping as an item and vice versa.

The map will be very familiar to the Minetime players who play on ClashTime. Some did suggest we get a map customly built for us but I thought it would be ruining the servers main plot which is to replicate Minetime, and I know how much I love and everyone loves the map. :p

I am sure everyone will be happy to know that netherwart grows at a 100% rate. Meaning you will be able to farm all of it, and not 65% of it as Minetime had it set to. Though, nether wart needs a light level of at least 9 to grow.

We have also decided to take out "treefarms" as they don't hold a significant factor in the game. Not only that but they are a huge hassle to run being very glitchy.

We're rolling with a 30-minute cooldown on the /fix and /fix all donator commands so that people can't use them to their advantage while in PvP. The only commands you can use use to fix items are '/fix' and '/fix all'. Commands like '/fixall' or '/essentials:fix' will be blocked and you won't be able to use them.

Ranking up on the server is just as Minetime, as stated above, you will find both servers are alike:
  • D-Prisoner - This is the rank you will start off with. You have access to; /warp D which will take you to the D-Mine.
  • C-Prisoner - This rank costs $50,000 (in-game...
Hello everyone!

Read entire thread.

We have now implemented an easier, more helpful, flexible way to apply for staff (Helper) for our network. All applications are to be submitted on this thread where the current staff members will view them and we will determine whether you're suitable for the job. If you are in-fact accepted you will of course be notified through your inbox on the forums.

Please do not post anything or say anything in this thread other than your application.

We will now go over a few guidelines, rules and other requirements for this activity. To keep things easy and simple I will put them in dot-point form.

Note: Feel free to inbox me if you're having troubles or have any questions or in-game: Username: zProof :)

  • Do not give us fake information.
  • Do not pretend to be someone who you are not.
  • Be honest with your application.
  • Answer every question, unless stated otherwise.
Guidelines for applying:
  • Answer the questions found below.
  • Use correct grammar - If your application doesn't contain proper grammar it will be immediately declined.
  • Answer in full sentences - Really explain your response instead of making it short, bland and boring.
  • Spamming staff to read your application - Spamming a staff member is shortening your chance of being accepted, the staff members will read every single application so don't worry.
  • Double, triple, quadruple check - Make sure you go over your application before you submit it. Do not rush it, instead take your time until you believe you're happy with it.
Requirements if you're Speaking professionally - Working on the ClashTime network in-game and on the forums will require you to speak professionally and proper. This means you are required to use correct grammar and to speak prerequisite.
  • Being friendly - In-game and on the forums you are always to be...